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Change Your Money For Good

Wisr Today uses the power of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT to rewire your relationship with money and create lasting, positive change.

In as little as two weeks, we can help you change a money habit and feel more confident about your money situation.

5 minutes a day is all you need.

Meet the psychology team

  • Dr. Jade Chan

  • Natalie Glaser

  • Dr. Aspasia Karageorge

Ongoing Support

The Coach In Your Pocket

  • Check-ins are for your eyes only.

  • Be guided every step of the way.

  • Coaching for however long you need it.

Featured Case Study

Meet real users who have changed their lives with Wisr Today.
Jacqueline, 32
"Wisr Today has given me the skills to be able to acknowledge my financial situation. Instead of feeling shameful and guilty, I know I just need to make small steps to move forward.”

Results To Expect

What Change Looks Like

  • Learn to resist your impulses and start spending money on what’s aligned to your values.

  • Overcome your setbacks to saving money, so you're well prepared for that rainy day.

  • Take action and start ticking things off your financial bucket list once and for all.

  • Become more optimistic about your financial situation and feel confident about the future.

Q1 Why are habits important when it comes to money?

Every habit we have typically adds up to hundreds or thousands over the course of a year.

Two lattes a day adds up to over $3K a year, or spending $100 on takeaway a week adds up to over $5K a year, or online shopping habits might cost $15K a year! 

A couple of small habitual behaviours is actually the difference between having a healthy buffer and feeling the pinch when it comes to money.

Q2 Why is financial health important?

Financial health is important because we can’t really escape it. Money is a resource like health, energy and time. It’s a resource we have to earn, conserve and use. How well we deal with this resource has a huge impact on our lives, wellbeing and sense of self.

Since financial health is part of life, it’s important to have a good relationship with money.

Q3  How is Wisr Today different from other money apps?

Financial planners and psychologists can cost thousands. Books and podcasts are out there, but they aren’t a coach in your pocket. It’s easy to read or listen, then forget. 

Wisr Today is designed to help with behaviour change in the context of everyday life, and will help you save money while improving your psychology. 

This is the first app of its kind in Australia, and we’ve already heard amazing results from users.