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Tips For Saving Money When You're Flat Broke

When you’re in a tough spot financially, saving money can sometimes feel like an impossible task. For a lot of us, we spend much more than we think on little things which can really add up over the course of a year. For example, buying a coffee everyday during the workweek could cost $1,000 per year.

Ideas to save extra money.

👖 Only shop for the clothes you need. 

📄 Use a spending tracker app or spreadsheet to track your daily expenses.

🥕 Buy seasonal vegetables and fruit.

🥪 Meal plan and make lunch as often as you can.

🍽 Avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

🌴 Book trips during off season.

🌡️ Keep an eye on your heat and air conditioning use at home.

🍷 Buy affordable wine or research discounted subscription options.

🚰 Use a reusable water bottle and avoid buying plastic bottles. 

🗞️ Share a newspaper subscription with a friend.

📱 Use a round-up savings app. 

🧦 Buy multiple pairs of the same socks so they don’t get lost.

👜 Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

🍞 Bake your own bread.

💰 Sell ​​household items you no longer need.

🏠 Negotiate the interest rate on your mortgage if you can.

🎅 Do your holiday shopping in January while there are Boxing Day deals. 

📺 Use comparison services to find the best internet plan.

📦 Buying directly from a wholesaler can sometimes save money if you buy in bulk.

💡 Use energy-saving light bulbs.

🤾 Take advantage of any fitness or wellness benefits from your work.

🗓️ Get creative with finding fun, free activities on the weekend.

🐜 Check if what you need is available used at a flea market or through an online marketplace.

👬🏾 Consider splitting the cost of a big purchase with a friend. 

☕ Make coffee at home

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