Content Specialist


Something between a gourmand and a glutton.

Little bit about me

Dimitri is a content specialist with a background in food and beverage. He's a ardent storyteller, obsessed with finding the hook in every tale.

Outside of office hours you can catch Dimitri gallery-hopping, playing soccer or enjoying a good bottle of wine with friends. In the summer, he's only reachable at the pontoon down at Redleaf Beach.

  • Q1Why do you love working at Wisr?

    Wisr is bursting at the seams with talented and interesting humans. It's an incredibly awe-inspiring place to come to work to.

  • Q2Best money saving hack?

    Pasta e ceci. It's a Roman chickpea stew that anyone can whip up in under hour. It's bursting with rosemary and anchovy aromas and could feed a small family for a week for less than ten bucks.

  • Q3Wisest advice?

    If you know better, do better.