$2000 Worth of Prizes

Check your credit scores with Wisr App and go in the running to win $1000. Plus, we’re also giving away ten $100 Prezzee eGift Cards. You'll automatically gain an entry for each month you view your scores between 9 February til the end of April 2024*.

How it works

Easy as 1-2-3-4

Have your ID handy.

  • 01

    Download the latest version of Wisr App

  • 02

    On the home screen, click 'Check credit scores'

  • 03

    Create your credit score profile with Wisr

  • 04

    Each month you check your scores on the app between 9 February til the end of April 2024 you'll automatically gain an entry to the competition. Check them each month? That's 3 entries!

What are Credit Scores?

It’s how lenders know to swipe right

Your credit scores (you have multiple) are a summary of your financial habits that helps lenders get to know you better. Knowing your scores will help you see where you stand. It's now easier than ever to track your credit scores with Wisr App.

Why check your scores?

  • See what lenders see.

  • Find out what affects your scores.

  • Get a better deal.

  • Stay up-to-date with your scores.

The Wisr Difference

We're more than just scores

  • Resources, loan information and more.

  • A personalised rate tailored to your score.

  • You're protected with end-to-end data encryption.


Not bad for a financial product right?

Help Centre

What we get asked

  • A credit score you have multiple is a number that financial institutions use to judge how likely you are to pay back any money they give you. The higher your scores, the more stable and trustworthy they view you. The lower the scores, erm well... you may have to give mum and dad a call. Just kidding.

    Your credit scores are not the only factor lenders look at, but they typically play a role. You can check your standing with our Credit Scores tool.