For the last four years, Wisr ASX: WZR has been focused on building a strong foundation of market-leading technology and proving our innovative lending model.

For millions of Australians, COVID-19 put personal finance front of mind, encouraging them to look for a smarter alternative. Wisr’s purpose-driven business model, consumer proposition and technology platforms have strongly resonated in-market and helped drive record growth in all key financial metrics, including loan origination and revenue growth, improving loan unit economics, consistent strong credit quality and core business profitability.

Wisr has continued to deliver an unblemished record of consistent quarter-on-quarter new loan growth throughout COVID-19 and beyond. Combined with the quality of customers that we are attracting, we have a small but rapidly growing market share with significant room to scale.

Our new secured vehicle product has also significantly increased the total addressable market for Wisr, providing entry to $85 billion dollars* of annual vehicle finance.

The Wisr Financial Wellness Platform has been proven to be highly effective, with over 551,000 Australians on the platform, on the path to 1M customer profiles and data showing enormous benefits to both Wisr, and to our customers that use it. With the majority of engaged users on the platform experiencing an incremental increase in their credit score.

We have a significant opportunity to provide a new type of lending experience, grow market share in line with our risk appetite, continue to innovate and deploy a total solution not offered by any other lender, anywhere in Australia and shareholders should be excited by that.

From the CEO

"The growth in our loan and revenue results is a direct result of consumers demanding better products and services for their personal finance needs, and the differentiated business model we have delivered. Wisr is in prime position to continue aggressively growing market share with a fairer deal, and a smarter alternative for Australia's prime credit consumers."
Wisr CEO, Anthony Nantes


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