Wisr ASX: WZR is purpose-built to improve Australians' financial health. We have reimagined the consumer financial journey through our award-winning proprietary Wisr platform to improve the holistic financial health of our customers. We're unique in the market as the Wisr platform combines our lending business, financial tools, and products to help customers make smarter money decisions.

Since its inception in 2017, Wisr has written over $1.7B in loans through a scalable digital lending platform and engaged hundreds of thousands of Aussies through our financial tools and features.

Wisr has built a proprietary channel to act as a product and brand differentiator, delivering scalability, customer impact, and stickiness through technology. Customer data helps us make timely product offers and inform future innovations to help meet the needs of users at different financial stages. With an engaged group of users, the platform allows us to communicate directly rather than relying on third-party channels.

Accessed through the user-friendly Wisr App, our approach to a customer's financial life expands the relationship well beyond the transaction, as evidenced by:  

  • Insights into financial standing through free access to Equifax and Experian credit scores, alerts when scores change and overview of credit insights and liabilities

  • Supercharge savings or pay down debt faster including a Wisr loan with automated round-ups, just like a digital money jar

  • Skill up on money with Smart Moves, improving money behaviours through quick wins and interactive lessons to help improve money habits

  • Third-party data security alerts and personal digital data safety tips with BreachAlert

  • Complete a rate estimate and apply for a Wisr loan for any worthwhile purpose with personalised service and rates and no early repayment or exit fees

  • Ability to self-service a Wisr loan using extra repayments, changing repayment frequency to help with budgeting and suit pay cycle and updating direct debit accounts

  • Receive alerts and options to make a one-off extra repayment if their account goes into arrears, allowing them to cure on the spot.

  • Monitor repayment progress and see upcoming payments to help with budgeting and preventing arrears.

Using data from the Wisr Platform, Wisr is positioned for future growth using insight into customer demand, behaviour, and habits. This allows Wisr to determine what customers need and informs how we can innovate, improve operational efficiency, and maintain prime credit quality. 

Combined with the quality of customers we attract, our revenue growth, and loan unit economics we have significant room to build a company of real size and scale in the years ahead, and shareholders should be excited by this.

From the CEO

“The Wisr business model is highly scalable and prioritises the customer. By reimagining the consumer financial journey through our award-winning proprietary Wisr platform, Wisr has created a unique position in the market that goes far beyond the traditional lending experience, creating a genuine competitive advantage.”
Wisr CEO, Andrew Goodwin

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