Financial health is both subjective and objective; regardless of how much a person earns, it’s habits and behavioural change that are critical in creating lasting change to people’s relationships with money.

To make real change, Wisr ASX: WZR has reinvented the consumer credit experience by looking at the bigger picture and improving a customer's holistic financial health. 

We’re truly unique in the market; through products, tools and resources, Wisr gives customers access to smarter credit, helps customers get out of debt faster, and to make smarter decisions with their money through cognitive behavioural therapy CBT, improving their financial decision making and overall financial health. 

The key ingredient to Wisr’s model is our dual technology platform that makes us more than just a lender. With $1.6B in loans originated since inception 2017, we built our lending technology platform for greater control over customisation and automation, providing customers with a more streamlined digital experience than traditional, outdated competitors. 

The second ingredient is our Financial Wellness Platform FWP, promoting better financial decision-making for everyone - no matter their level of understanding or financial position. This offers proven benefits for our customers who engage with it via a customised dashboard and mobile app; the data allows users to:

  • Get a personalised experience based on their next major money moment

  • See their liabilities and balances

  • Check and monitor their credit scores

  • Fine-tune their financial knowledge

  • Move from subprime to prime credit scores

  • Round up their money to pay down debt or save

  • Receive personalised product offers and pricing

  • Access smarter personal and secured car loans

  • Apply, manage and pay down their Wisr loan

  • Learn the psychology of why they spend and change habits 

It’s the key way for Wisr to collect rich data harnessed to develop and improve the quality of our products in line with customer and market demand. 

Combined with the quality of customers we attract, our revenue growth, improving loan unit economics, and core business profitability, we have significant room to build a company of real size and scale in the years ahead, and shareholders should be excited by this.

From the CEO

"The growth in our loan, revenue and FWP profiles is a direct result of consumers demanding better products, services and tools for their financial health. With a laser focus on delivering near-term profitability, we have the resources and capability to safeguard the business and a strategy and platform that is setting us up to be a company of significant size and scale, with a genuine competitive advantage in the years to come.”
Wisr CEO, Andrew Goodwin

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