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What is a Credit Score?

It’s how lenders know to swipe right

Your credit score is a summary of your financial habits, and helps lenders get to know you better. Knowing your score will help you see where you stand.

Why check your scores?

  • See what lenders see.

  • Find out what affects your scores.

  • Get a better deal.

  • Catch mistakes early.

  • Check your scores with Wisr App.

How it works

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The Wisr Difference

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Not bad for a financial product right?

Q1: Will checking my score hurt my credit score?

This is the biggest credit myth out there! We make a ‘soft enquiryʼ with participating credit reporting bureaus. That means it is technically recorded, but it does not impact your credit score in the slightest.

Q2: When are credit scores used?

In Australia, credit scores are used by lenders to understand how reliable someone will be in paying back credit.

It usually plays a role in these situations:

Q3: Who is keeping score?

Credit scores are generated by credit bureaus. Basically, they collect data relating to your history of borrowing and how good you are at paying your bills to paint a picture of your creditworthiness. 

Q4: How are credit scores calculated?

The exact way credit scores are calculated is kept under wraps by the bureaus. A true magician never reveals their secrets! 

However, we do know the main information used to calculate your credit score.


For the curious

  • You can check your credit scores for free with Wisr. We do a 'soft check' which doesn't negatively impact your credit scores. All you need to do is create a Wisr profile, visit the dashboard and generate your credit reports. You can also check your scores with Wisr App on iOS or Android.

    You'll receive scores from Equifax and Experian – two of Australia's major credit bureaus. They'll be slightly different, but don't worry. That's normal! If you spot anything amiss or don't see your credit scores, get in touch.