• Learn how to maintain healthy credit scores.

  • Monitor your email for data breaches.

  • Round up your everyday spending.

  • With a fair, personalised rate.

  • Make extra repayments anytime.

  • Learn handy tips to save more.


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Sarah, 29
"What I like the most about rounding up my debt is that I don’t have to check it every day, it just happens. If I get a little wayward, I can make immediate changes to my purchasing habits and problem solved!"

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Invite others to the app, and once their account is active you’ll both get $5 extra paid into your debt account. Smart.
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Q1: Can I use Wisr App if I don’t have a loan?

Of course! Wisr App offers many features aside from loan management.

• Check both your credit scores and be alerted as soon as they change.

• Use our Round Up feature that uses your everyday spending to help you reach a saving or debt goal.

• Read tailored content to support you on your financial journey.

Plus, more is coming! Stay tuned.

Q2: Is the app secure?

Absolutely! We use encrypted transmissions, HTTPS Everywhere and AES-256 encrypted storage, and all our services are hosted on Australian servers. 

For Wisr App to work, we use financial services provided by Proviso and EziDebit. These technology platforms utilise bank-grade security protocols. In addition, Wisr staff do not have access to your internet banking passwords, and remember, we will never call or email you asking for your PIN or credit card number.

Q3: Can I apply for a Wisr loan in the app?

You sure can. You can easily complete a rate estimate and apply for a Wisr loan within the app.

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