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Spring Clean Your Spending

We can all agree that lockdown sucks. We won’t blame you for burying your feels in a bucket of ice cream, but when it comes to finances this is no time to bury our heads in the sand.

Lockdown affects everybody differently. Some people are lucky enough to be working from home and might even be saving some extra cash. But for others, the lockdown could mean a serious loss of income and subsequent financial stress.

Whatever your situation, using this time to spring-clean your spending will save you some much-needed cash and help set you up for life after lockdown.


It might seem obvious, but going through your expenses with a fine-toothed comb is a great way to understand where your money goes and how much of it you could be saving.

How many subscriptions do you really need?

It comes as a rude shock to many of us to see just how much we spend on subscriptions. With so many different streaming and entertainment services out there, you might find that you’re paying over $100 a month just to watch re-runs of The OC. We’re not saying you have to cut them all, but picking one service per month could save you some serious money without denying yourself a much-needed hit of binge-worthy TV.

Pro Tip

Cycling through streaming services one at a time means there’s a ton of fresh content waiting for you by the time you’re back to the start.

Bust out the chef’s whites

Supporting local restaurants and cafes is a great way to keep them going through the lockdown, but if it’s putting a strain on your wallet it might be time to put the delivery app down a

nd get yourself back into the kitchen. Whipping up a healthy meal on the cheap is easier than you think.


Some of our favourite recipes can be found on Healthyish and Delicious. Plus, it’ll make ordering in feel even more special when you can afford to do it.

Strike a deal

It’s not just about discretionary spending. Take this opportunity to look closer at your essential spending too. We’re talking about things like gas, electricity, phone, internet and insurance bills. It might be worth giving your provider a call to see if there’s a better plan for you or even changing providers for a cheaper deal. Make sure you read the fine print though – paying out an early exit fee is not what you need right now.


Cutting these costs as much as you can obviously won’t entirely alleviate your financial stress, but it will put a few extra bucks back into your pocket and give you a clearer idea of where your money is going.

Don’t go it alone

For a lot of us, simply canning Netflix won’t bring the relief we need. If you’ve lost income and are struggling to pay for the essentials, it could be worth seeing what type of help is out there for you.   

  • Find out if you’re eligible for government assistance. The Australian Government has recently introduced a COVID-19 Disaster Payment for those affected by the lockdown. If you’ve lost income due to the lockdown, you might be eligible to apply.

  • If you have any outstanding debt, being upfront with your lender about your situation could save you from a much bigger headache down the road. Some lenders might adjust your repayment amount, waive late fees, and even allow you to defer repayments temporarily. 

  • If you’re a Wisr loan customer, find out what we can do to help you get back on track.


Making sure you’re getting all the help and support you’re eligible for could alleviate a lot of the pressure. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and keep your eye out for government announcements.

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