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Round up to reach your goals faster and stay on top of your finances anywhere, anytime.

Make the most of your everyday spending

  • Make progress without breaking a sweat.

  • Watch how quickly round ups add up.

  • Manage your Wisr loan anywhere, anytime.

How Round Up works

Small decisions add up quick.

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    Buy something.

  • 02

    We round it up to the nearest $1, $2 or $5 – you choose.

  • 03

    The difference goes towards your debt, Wisr loan or savings account.

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Chip away at a debt or save for something special.

  • Easily connect your Wisr loan.

  • Build up your nest egg.

  • Say goodbye to high-interest debt.

  • Really, anything goes.

  • See ya later student debt.

  • Own your home sooner.

See how much you could save

The more you round up, the less interest you’ll have to pay over time.

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The more you round up, the less interest you’ll have to pay over time.

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Aussies making the most of round ups

Featured Case Study

Sarah, 29
"What I like the most about rounding up my debt is that I don’t have to check it every day, it just happens. If I get a little wayward, I can make immediate changes to my purchasing habits and problem solved!"

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For the curious

  • A round up app is a tool for putting your digital spare change to work. Just like you might toss coins into a money jar, a round up app automatically rounds up your transactions to the nearest $1, $2 or $5 it's up to you and allocates them to an account of your choice. For instance, if you buy a coffee for $3.60, your round-up would be $0.40.

    The Wisr Round Up App allows you to connect a spending account the one you use for everyday purchases, a funding account the one you want your round ups to be deducted from and your goal account the place you want us to send your digital spare change to

    You can either use it as a round up app for saving or you can use your round ups for paying off debt faster. Many of our users are getting on top of high-interest debt such as credit cards and payday loans with Wisr App. We also encourage our Wisr Loan customers to use round ups to make additional contributions towards their loans.

What's your next money move?

We can help with just about anything.

Q1: What can I use my round ups for?

Choose your own adventure-style, we let you decide where to send your round ups. Many of our users are using their round ups to pay extra off their debt, while others are funnelling their round ups into their savings. Here are a few examples of what you might use round ups for:

Q2: Is the app secure?

Absolutely! We use encrypted transmissions, HTTPS Everywhere and AES-256 encrypted storage, and all our services are hosted on Australian servers. 

For Wisr App to work, we use financial services provided by Proviso and EziDebit. These technology platforms utilise bank-grade security protocols. In addition, Wisr staff do not have access to your internet banking passwords, and remember, we will never call or email you asking for your PIN or credit card number.

Q3: Why do you need my bank information?

The app requires your bank information per financial institution to securely connect your accounts. This lets the app calculate your daily round ups and send them flying towards your goal account.

Q4: Does Round Up replace how I pay down my Wisr loan?

Wouldn’t that be nice?! No, the app is designed to accelerate your debt payments, not replace them. You’ll still need to make your regular repayments, however, round ups may help you reach that blissful $0 balance even sooner and without you realising.

  • The boring (but important) stuff: