Talent Acquisition Partner


Using snazzy people skills to encourage everyone to take the leap and join our growing parliament of Wise Ones.

Little bit about me

Terry is a degree-qualified forensic scientist who never quite made her way there. Instead, she made quite a bit of a detour and now uses her smarts to make sure the chemistry is bubbling away at Wisr.

When she’s not on the phone or in a Zoom meeting, you’ll find her halfway up a mountain, shoving her face with huge burgers or taking the long way home on her motorbike.

  • Q1Why do you love working at Wisr?

    The freedom. Working with talented and passionate people. Truly aligning to the purpose of financial wellness. Seeing the work you do make a difference in the business. Did I mention working with talented and passionate people?

  • Q2Best money saving hack?

    Separate savings account without a card that isn’t directly attached to your main bank account which means that you have to plan to use your savings.

  • Q3Last movie you watched?

    Princess Mononoke. What a movie! Can you believe it was made in the 90s?!