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Case study: Bec

Like millions of Australians, Rebecca was struggling with her credit card debt. Because she was only making the minimum payments, her debt was building and she was overwhelmed. Having seen a post on social media, she decided to give Wisr a go.

It was hard for my partner and I to keep on top of our credit card debt. We tried to pay the bare minimum on our credit card, but unexpected expenses popped up and the interest climbed.

I saw Wisr App and thought it was really clever because it’s the same as loose change. You don’t really notice the round up amount while it’s working away in the background. 

Being able to put an extra $20-$50 on our credit card each month not only helps get the interest down but it helps us to make real inroads. Using Wisr App has also stopped the excuses because we haven’t even noticed the money going out! When I look at the dashboard to see how we’re tracking, I’ve been really surprised to see how much I’ve rounded up.

"I’ve gone from being overwhelmed and stressed to feeling in control and knowing that we’re making positive steps forward."


Seeing progress along the way helps us to stick to it and keep upping those little amounts over time.

I’m also feeling more confident and empowered because I understand what’s going on with my money. I have to admit, I don’t like maths – it’s something that makes me blank out as soon as numbers are thrown at me – and don’t even mention an excel spreadsheet! Wisr App makes understanding your financial situation easy.

We follow the Barefoot Investor and once our credit card debt is paid off, we will use the app to channel funds into a MOJO account, so we’re covered when the unexpected happens and don’t need to get another credit card or increase our limit. 

Using tools like Wisr App that works with our life really gives us the support we need. 

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