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Case study: Sarah

Back in March 2019, Sarah was financially stressed. Her credit card debt was getting out of control but like a lot of Australians, she didn’t know where to begin. A work colleague mentioned Wisr and she decided to try out Round Up.

Every single day I would think about my debt, it was becoming overwhelming and the stress was affecting my life. 

I had four credit cards and I’d been trialling another app Raiz but I soon came to the conclusion that trying to make money through investing when drowning in debt was not the answer. The rate you’re being charged on the credit card is a hell of a lot more than what you're being paid in interest for your investments.

I needed to take back control and make informed decisions – instead of just winging it and sticking to old habits. The Wisr App was super easy to set up. Plug in all of your accounts, set a round up amount and you’re done!

Wisr App also helped me understand what I’m spending my money on, and what was getting me into trouble. I found that I was  buying 3 coffees every day – sometimes more! That worked out to be nearly $15 every day. But now, I don’t even buy one. 

I also use my cards a lot less. When I do, it’s not something I dread anymore because I know it rounds up to help me out. It’s life, you have to make purchases, so why not get rewarded for it?

What I like the most about rounding up my debt is that I don’t have to check it every day, it just happens. If I get a little wayward, I can make immediate changes to my purchasing habits and problem solved! 

"I paid off so much more than I thought. I also have a list of priorities, once this first credit card is paid off, I'm moving to the next one."


I still have a lot of debt, but now I feel in control. I don’t have to worry about my repayments because the Wisr App just pays straight into it. 

Wisr has also helped me understand how much I need to live a comfortable life. 

I paid off so much more than I thought. I also have a list of priorities, once this first credit card is paid off, I'm moving to the next one.

The way I describe the Wisr App is: it puts the money in the jar for you.

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