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Money stories

Introducing Money Memoirs

Money has long been considered a taboo topic to discuss in public, but we’re throwing that concept in the bin to encourage more open, authentic discussions around personal finance.

In a new content series called Money Memoirs, we’re pulling back the curtain for a glimpse into the financial lives of our community.

We asked Wisr App users to track their spending over the course of a week to give the rest of us a peek into their daily routines, spending habits, savings hacks and overall money mindset. They share exactly how much they spent and rounded up with Wisr App. It feels like we’re snooping, but these money memoirs provide helpful insight into the cost of living in different areas, expenses associated with various professions and how financial priorities can change as you get older.

What to expect

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some pretty juicy details around some of our community's financial habits. In each Money Memoir, we'll find out how much our memoirist spent over the course of the week, as well as how much they were able to round up using Wisr App. They'll reveal the money goals they're working towards, any debts they're chipping away at and any guilty pleasures that bulk up their weekly spend.

Why should I care?

Humans have a natural tendency to snoop. We love finding out what other people earn, spend and save – especially since the topic of money is so tied up in secrecy. But more importantly, peeking into the financial lives of others can help us assess our own situation.

Finding out how much groceries cost in another city can put things in perspective. Likewise with rent and transport costs. Finding out that other people your age are also tackling credit card debt or hustling to pay their HECS down sooner is a comfort that shows you're not the only one.

By openly sharing the ins and outs of our financial lives, we can help break down some of the stigma around money. And, as an added bonus, you'll probably pick up some tips and tricks along the way. Our Money Memoirists share things like their favourite local cafes, how they save money on their weekly grocery shop and which ALDI wine is ~actually~ really good, despite the suspiciously low price.

Where can I find Money Memoirs?

Right here! We'll update this blog every time a new Money Memoir goes live.

Tara's Money Memoir

First up, let's meet Tara, a 26-year-old Vet Nurse from Sydney's Northern Beaches. We tag along as she runs us through a week full of long working days, home-cooked dinners, beach walks and treat-yourself moments.

James' Money Memoir

Next, we spend a week with James, an Associate VP working for a university in Manly. He shares his weekly spends, including some tidbits about pet insurance $$$ for his new pup, gym costs also $$$ and his plan to upsize his apartment in one of Sydney's most expensive suburbs super $$$.

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