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These Terms & Conditions are issued by Wisr Finance ABN 39 119 503 221 "Wisr" and covers non-cash payment products provided through the Wisr App "App" to you.

These non-cash payment products are offered and administered by Wisr.

These Terms & Conditions contain important information about the App. Before you decide to use the App, you should read and consider these Terms & Conditions carefully along with the:

The information in these Terms & Conditions are general information only and do not take into account your personal financial situation or needs. You should obtain independent financial advice tailored to your circumstances before deciding to use the App if you consider it necessary.

The App is only available to Australian residents and the information in these Terms & Conditions do not apply to any jurisdiction other than Australia.

Please contact us by email at contact@wisr.com.au if you have any questions about the App or the Terms & Conditions.


To use the App you must apply for a Wisr App Profile "Profile". By signing up to the App, you agree to receive communications and disclosures in relation to the App electronically.

Certain information in the Terms & Conditions are subject to change and we will notify you of any changes that have a materially adverse impact on you. We may also notify you of any other changes to the Terms & Conditions. All updates to the Terms & Conditions will be made available at https://wisr.com.au/wisr-app-terms-conditions for you to view at any time.

Wisr will provide an online link to a digital copy of these Terms & Conditions upon request by emailing contact@wisr.com.au.


  1. About us

  2. Licensing

  3. How the App works

  4. Benefits of using the App

  5. Risks of using the App

  6. Liability

  7. Privacy

  8. Fees and costs

  9. Other important information

  10. Definitions


Wisr Finance "Wisr" is responsible for administration, accountancy, payments and compliance, and operates in accordance with ASIC RG185 'Non-cash payments facilities' and related instrument ASIC Corporations Non-cash payment facilities Instrument 2016/211. These Terms & Conditions, Wisr App Terms of Use, and the law governs Wisr's relationship with you. In these Terms & Conditions, "we" and "us" means Wisr.

Email:  contact@wisr.com.au

Website: https://wisr.com.au


Wisr is currently operating the App under Section 91 ASIC Corporations Non-Cash Payment Facilities Instrument 2016/211.


Wisr is currently operating the App under Section 91 ASIC Corporations Non-Cash Payment Facilities. The App provides a digital micro-payments product "Round-up Service" that offers an easy way to regularly contribute small amounts of your money to help pay down your existing debt, such as a home loan, credit card or a Wisr personal loan. The minimum contribution amount is $2 and the maximum is $1,000 per month. We may vary these amounts at any time.

The Round-up Service works by tracking the daily transactions in your nominated Spending Account usually updated every 24 hours and performs Round ups on these transactions.

Every 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of the calendar month or the next business day if one of these dates fall on a non-business day, your nominated Funding Account will be direct debited for a total amount of Round ups you have accrued plus any manual contributions you have made during the period known as "Boosters". This total amount is defined as Your Contribution and must be equal to or greater than the minimum contribution amount of$2.

On or before the 7th day of the following calendar month, we will transfer Your Contributions, less any applicable Transaction Fee, plus any rewards you may have claimed during the period to your nominated Goal Account. See Section 8 for details on Fees and Costs.

You are unable to withdraw Your Contribution in whole or partial amounts once it is direct debited from your Funding Account unless otherwise specified as we will pay this amount to your nominated Goal Account.

Setting up Wisr App

To use the App you need to sign-up to a Profile and you must:

  • download the App

  • be at least 18 years old

  • have a valid Australian mobile number, and

  • have a valid email address.

You can only have one Profile at a time. The sign-up process is automated through the App, but you may be required to provide additional information in certain circumstances.

Once the Profile is set-up, you can enable the Round up Service by connecting to your banks and nominating the following accounts:

  • Spending Accounts

  • Funding Account

  • Goal Account

When the Round Up Service is active, the App will show the accumulated Round Up amounts in each direct debit period and payments made to your Goal Account.

Disabling Round Up Service

You can disable the Round Up service at any time via the App and it will remain inactive until you enable again. Any Round Up amounts already direct debited from your funding account, including any direct debits in progress at the time when your Round Up Service is disabled, will still be paid into your nominated Goal Account on or before the 7th day of the next month.

We may also manually disable the Round Up Service at our discretion such as if we suspect a fraudulent activity on your account or detect that you have breached the terms of these Terms & Conditions.


The key benefits of the App are:


The App is a micro-payments product designed to help you pay down your debts. The minimum amount of $2 is required before we direct debit your Funding Account.

Consolidating payments

The App provides the Round Up Service which has the ability to consolidate micro-payments. The Wisr system will facilitate the Round Ups from the transactions you make on your Spending Account. Consolidating these amounts may help you to pay back your debts sooner.


The significant risks of using the Wisr App are:

No guarantee

None of Wisr, their related entities, officers or personnel, guarantee that the repayment of any amount of debt will reduce the term of your debt.

Incorrect Information

It is your responsibility to ensure any and all information you provide Wisr including Spending Account, Funding Account, Goal Account and all other details is correct. Wisr is not responsible for any incorrect information you provide, and any effects this may have.

Early repayment/exit fees

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Goal Account you nominate to have Your Contributions paid into is not subject to any early repayment and/or exit fees. Wisr is not responsible for any early repayment and/or exit fees you may incur from paying additional amounts of your money towards your Goal Account through the App or any other effects this may have.

Overdraft risk

It is your responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds in your Funding Account to meet all your commitments. If there are insufficient funds in your Funding Account, your Funding Account may fall into overdraft and you may incur additional bank fees and/or interest from the third party institutions.

Data security & electronic delivery risk

Because the App and your Wisr App Account is an online product, which relies on computers, information technology IT networks and the internet, it is subject to inherent IT risks including but not limited to software bugs, computer viruses and malware, unauthorised interference with data, loss of data, unavailability or unreliability of the internet, computer malfunction, and cyber hacking resulting in the theft of data. The App may be unavailable from time to time. Your data is stored on secured servers in Australia, however data transfer may occur between those servers and other countries. You will need to consider the potential for disruption or other difficulties before planning to use the App.


It is the user's responsibility to ensure information given to Wisr is correct and that Wisr accepts no liability for payments made to or from incorrect account details. To the extent permitted by law, Wisr is not liable for any loss or damage the user suffers as a result of using the App.


Wisr is committed to compliance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles, and providing you with financial services in a manner which ensures your right to privacy is respected. We only collect, use and retain personal information which is necessary to provide you with access to, and information about, our services. Where we disclose your personal information to external parties, such as our professional advisers, they are required and committed to protecting your privacy.

If you wish to access or update information we hold about you, please ask us and we will make arrangements for you to do so. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available online at https://wisr.com.au/privacy-policy.


The fees and costs outlined in this section may be deducted from Your Contributions before being transferred to your Goal Account. You should read all the information about fees and costs because it is important to understand their impact on Your Contributions.

Transaction Fees

Wisr App is free for everyone to use.

Additional costs

If we incur any additional costs such as taxes, duties or bank charges in respect of your Profile and/or Round Up Service, we may deduct them from Your Contributions but we will notify you before we make such deductions. At the time of issuing these Terms & Conditions we do not foresee any additional costs.

Fee changes

Fees can change without your consent. We will generally provide at least 30 days' notice of any proposed change to Fees and/or Costs.


The material in these Terms & Conditions may change anytime between the day you read these Terms & Conditions and the day you sign-up to the Profile and enable the Round-up Service.

By applying for a Profile, you acknowledge that:

  • you consent to receive any and all documents, information, or other communications from Wisr electronically through the App, phone, email or otherwise over the internet

  • you agree and acknowledge that we will use your personal information to send you messages containing important information about the App and your Profile. These messages are an important part of the service that we provide to you, and will be sent to you as long as you hold the Profile. You cannot opt-out of receiving these messages

  • you agree and acknowledge that you must have a direct debit arrangement in place to use the services of the App

  • you agree and acknowledge that you must use the App to connect your Funding Account to make payments to your Goal Account, and

  • you agree and authorise for Your Contributions to be direct debited from your Funding Account and Your Contributions less any fees and costs to be paid to your Goal Account.

In relation to your Funding Account, you represent, confirm and agree:

  • your Funding Account is not, and will never be, a credit card, overdraft account or any other borrowed money

  • that any information you enter into the App about your Funding Account, will be true, accurate, current and complete

  • your Funding Account can be direct debited

  • your Funding Account is not subject to additional fees triggered by a direct debit

  • there are sufficient funds in your Funding Account to meet all your commitments, and

  • Wisr is not responsible nor will indemnify you for any fees or interest incurred from your use of the App.

In relation to your Goal Account, you represent, confirm and agree:

  • that your nomination of your Goal Account is your instruction to us to pay Your Contributions to your Goal Account

  • your linked account is not subject to any early repayment and/or exit fees which may be triggered by your use of the App

  • that any information you enter into the App about your Goal Account, will be true, accurate, current and complete, and

  • Wisr is not responsible nor will indemnify you for any fees or interest incurred from your use of the App.

You confirm that any information you enter into the App about your Spending Account, will be true, accurate, current, and complete.

Use of the Wisr App

You agree and acknowledge that nothing in this Agreement gives you any right to contribute money via the Wisr App other than by direct debit from your nominated Funding Account in accordance with this Agreement.

Interest earned from holding Your Contributions

You agree and acknowledge that we are entitled to keep all interest earned if any from holding Your Contributions in our bank account and you will not make any claims for interest earned.

Unauthorised/mistaken transactions or loss/theft of your mobile device

If you are aware of an unauthorised or mistaken transaction, or if your mobile device with which you access the App has been lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible by emailing at contact@wisr.com.au to disable your Round-up Service and/or Profile and/or change your App PIN, email address, and/or mobile number as necessary.


If you have a complaint about the App, your Profile or the Round-up Service, please contact us by email at contact@wisr.com.au. You can also write to us at Suite 33, Level 8, 58 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000. We will confirm receipt of any complaint by email, and get back to you as soon as possible when we have investigated the circumstances. If we are not able to resolve your complaint within 21 Business Days, you may be able to seek assistance from the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Post: Reply Paid GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 1800 931 678

Email: info@afca.org.au

Website: afca.org.au


$ in means Australian dollars unless stated otherwise.

App "Wisr App" means the mobile application downloaded by a user to an internet-connected mobile device which enables you to access some of Wisr's services.

Business Day means a day on which banks are open for general banking business in Sydney, Australia, except for Saturdays, Sundays, NSW Public Holidays, National Public Holidays and Bank Holidays in Australia.

Goal Account means the bank account attached to your Profile such as a home loan, credit card debt or a Wisr personal loan that you authorise Wisr to pay Your Contributions into.

Debts Paid means the running balance of Your Contributions less any fees and costs that have been transferred to your nominated Goal Account.

Funding Account means the bank account which you are authorised to use and that you authorise us to direct debit money from. You can only have one Funding Account linked, and it must not be a credit card or other debt type.

Boosters means a one-off amount specified by you to be direct debited from your Funding Account. You may choose to make multiple Boosters each month.

Profile "Wisr App Profile" is the user profile to login and use the App. This profile includes all information the App knows about the user, including but not limited to their name, email, mobile number and bank transactions when details are provided.

Privacy Policy means the Privacy Policy of the App, which is available from time to time on the Website and available through the App. We are required to handle your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 Cth and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Round Ups is the amount of money rounded up to the nearest dollar on an individual transaction from your Spending Account.

Round Up Service means the Round Ups provided by us on your Profile. The accrued Round Up amounts are direct debited by us from your Funding Account weekly and paid to your Goal Account monthly.

Spending Account means the bank account that you use for the purchase of goods or services that generate Round-ups. You can link more than one Spending Account to generate Round Ups.

Terms of Use means any written terms or conditions that we require you to abide by when using the App and the Website.

Website means Wisr's App website at https://wisr.com.au.

Your Contributions means total amount of Round Ups and Boosters that is direct debited from your Funding Account during the month.

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